Council Chamber HVAC Replacement Project, PJ 2564

The project consists of the re-construction of the dual pipe system routing from the existing Wing C basement point of connection to the existing air handling reconnection point inside the Council Chambers attic space. Part of the work also includes excavation for new trench pathways from the existing basement to the existing Council Chambers via the existing moat separating the two buildings. Work will include placement of the dual pipe system through the existing moat secured in place and covered with a concrete cover and waterproofing coating system. The work will also include reconstruction of the concrete pilaster base supporting wood timber benches along the edge of the water feature (bench replacement under separate contract), construction of a wood screen to cover dual pipes on the exterior of the Council Chambers. The work will consist of: site mobilization (including temporary fencing), saw-cutting and concrete removal of existing concrete walkways, removal of existing underground pipes and other associated equipment, replacement of all flashings and sheet metal elements damaged or removed during the course of the work, painting of new installed wood members and exposed pipes, re-installation of equipment connections, and piping. This work includes all preparation, coordination of detailed phasing requirements, materials and accessories, clean up, and conformance to existing conditions necessary for a complete and functional installed exterior walkway, moat, bench supports, and HVAC systems, and all other work as specified in these Special Provisions and shown in the Drawings.
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