Public Jobs

Bids due in 18 days
5/4/21 2:00 pm
CIP 8315 Parks Sports Courts
City of Davis Public Works - Engineering & Transportation Department
Parks Sports Court Rehabilitation: The project involves grinding and overlaying existing parks sports courts such as tennis, basketball, and pickleball courts. Some courts require more extensive repair for a full depth restoration with recompaction of existing subgrade, aggregate base, and asphalt concrete pavement. Court surfacing material will be added on top of the asphalt concrete for tennis, and pickleball courts, and striping of the parks sports courts will be required. The base bid is for West Manor Park, Westwood Park, Covell Park, Chestnut Park, and Redwood Park. Add Alternate 1 Bid items are for Slide Hill Park Items only. Add Alternate 2 Bid Items are for lighting installation at Redwood Park.
Bids due in 20 days
5/6/21 2:30 pm
Canon Dr. Embankment Erosion Repair
City of Orinda
Orinda, Ca
The work to be done generally consists of excavating soil to create keyway/bench as shown on plans to allow placement of rock riprap fill buttress on the downslope embankment near 210 Canon Dr. to repair erosion damage from a blocked stormdrain pipe. Install temporary debris fence with steel posts prior to starting machine work.
Bids due in 32 days
5/18/21 2:00 pm
Electronic bidding
Kirker Pass Road Safety Improvements
Contra Costa County Public Works Department
Contra Costa County, CA
The work to be done generally consists of installing safety improvements along a 3.1-mile segment of Kirker Pass Road between the City of Concord to the City of Pittsburg. Improvements include installation of Midwest guardrail system including standard terminal ends, installing reflective treatments to the existing median barrier, removing and placing hot mix asphalt dike, painting existing dike with reflective paint, placing roadside delineators along the road shoulder, and installation of street lighting at the two Hess Road intersections.
Bids due in 11 days
4/27/21 2:00 pm
2021 Pavement Rehab Project
City of Benicia
Benicia, CA
The work includes, but is not limited to:a. Concrete work to remove and replace curb and gutter, curb ramps and sidewalk;b. Cold planing and wedge grinding existing street surfaces;c. Asphalt dig-outs and patch paving;d. Placement of Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt (RHMA) and Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA);e. Placement of Type II (Black Rock) Slurry Seal;f. Adjusting existing boxes and manholes to grade;g. Pavement striping, markings, and markers;h. Replacement traffic loop detectors;i. Traffic control; andj. Incidentals necessary to complete all appurtenant work in place, to be ready for public use, as shown in these Special Provisions and other Contract Documents to which reference is hereby made.
Bids due in 13 days
4/29/21 2:00 pm
2021 Slurry Seal
City of Vacaville
Vacaville, CA
Bids due in 14 days
4/30/21 10:00 am
2020 Sewer Pipe Repair and Replacement Project, Phase-1
San Rafael Sanitation District
San Rafael, Ca
This project consists of sewer pipe spot repairs, replacement of existing sewer pipe via open trench, replacement and cleanout of lower laterals, manhole repairs, concrete gutter work, 2-inch grind with overlay and pavement markings at various locations all located in the City of San Rafael.
Bids due in 25 days
5/11/21 2:00 pm
Electronic bidding
Fred Jackson Way First Mile/Last Mile Connection
Contra Costa County Public Works Department
Contra Costa County, CA
The work to be done generally consists of street improvements along FredJackson Way between Brookside Drive and Grove Avenue including constructing widened sidewalks, bulbouts and storm drain modifications and installation of street trees and irrigation. Project will also includepavement grinding, installation of SAMI (Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer), HMA widening andoverlay, and construction of HMA pedestrian path.
Bids due in 11 days
4/27/21 10:00 am
Contract No. 1946 - Non-Structural Spillway Repair Project
Marin Municipal Water District
County of Marin, California
This contract is for furnishing labor, materials and equipment for the repairs of non-structural concrete including spalls, surface defects, offsets, subdrain cleaning, cracks and joint sealing on spillways at three District dams. The work to be done is located at Nicasio Reservoir, Soulajule Reservoir, and Kent Lake all within the County of Marin, California.
Bids due in 6 days
4/22/21 2:00 pm
2021 Pavement RehabilitationProject
City of Davis Public Works - Engineering & Transportation Department
Davis, CA
In general the work included in the rehabilitation and reconstruction package includes mobilization, public notification, traffic control; hot-mix asphalt (HMA) patches and base repairs; concrete improvements, including curb ramp replacements for ADA compliance, sidewalk and curb and gutter repairs; bike and pedestrian path reconstruction requiring removal of asphalt concrete pavement and underlying subgrade materials; cold-milling asphalt concrete pavement, regrading of intersections to adjust cross slopes at crosswalks for ADA compliance; cold in-place recycling of asphalt pavement (CIR); reconstruction of bike paths with aggregate base (AB) and HMA; HMA and RHMA paving and overlay; slurry seals; adjusting utility covers to grade, installing traffic striping, marking and markers, and replacing traffic loops.
Bids due in 25 days
5/11/21 5:00 pm
RFP - Engineering Service for Sewerage System Improvements
East Bay Regional Park District
Anthony Chabot Regional Park
The objective of this service is to provide engineering for improvements to the sewerage system to operate the Park safely and cost-effectively. After years of continuous use and deterioration, much of the sewerage system requires repair and replacement. A conceptual improvement plan developed by the Park District is enclosed with this RFP. A condition inspection report for most of the gravity lines will be provided later in an addenda when it becomes available. The condition inspection report will identify elements of the gravity sewerage system in need of repair or replacement. The conceptual plan identifies a potential new sewer line alignment to replace the comminutor and syphon line which currently crosses sensitive habitat.