Public Jobs

Bids due in 30 days
10/22/21 2:00pm
South Secondary Clarifier Rehabilitation Projet PSC006
Vallejo Waste Water District
Vallejo, CA
Secondary clarifier miscellaneous mechanical rehabilitation. Interior concrete repairs. Launder cover replacement. Drive motor replacement with wire and conduit. Radar level sensor installation with wire and conduit. Structural repairs and sandblasting/painting of catwalk and interior metal elements. Furnishing and installation of new access stairwell
Bids due in 13 days
10/5/21 10:00am
Southern Marin Pipeline Replacement Project
Marin Municipal Water District
Marin County, California
The work to be done includes, but is not limited to, the following: installation of approximately 120 feet of 10" high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe by directional drill method, 310 feet of 8-inch welded steel pipe and 100 feet of 1/4" thick welded steel casing with valves, fittings, pipeline disinfection and appurtenances.
Bids due in 27 days
10/19/21 2:00pm
Phase 1 Recycled Water Facilities Rebid, CIP No. 8312
City of Davis
Davis, CA
The work consists of construction of a pump station and pipeline for transferring recycled water including all labor, materials, equipment and incidentals, to completely install an operating facility, in accordance with the Project Plans and Specifications. The Phase 1 Recycled Water Facilities – Re-Bid Project consists of construction of the following items: A. Construct a recycled water pump station as shown on the Contract Documents, which includes a single vertical turbine pump driven by a variable speed drive, situated outdoors in a below-grade concrete structure. B. Install a suction pipeline from existing chlorine contact tank effluent channel to the new pump station. C. Install a discharge pipeline from the new pump station to the existing pipe underneath the levee. D. Install a pipeline from the the existing pipe underneath the levee to the recycled water discharge locations at the Recycled Water Storage Pond 1 and the Return Channel. E. Connect the new recycled water pipeline to the existing 24” OVFI pipeline. F. Install electrical equipment in the existing Filter Electrical Building and at the Recycled Water Pump Station. G. All associated site work, structures, electrical, instrumentation, and appurtenant facilities, complete and operable, all in accordance with the Contract Documents. All work shall be performed in accordance with the City of Davis' Standard Specifications January 1996 Edition, Addenda through October 2009, the latest edition of California Department of Transportation Standard Specifications and Plans dated 2015, Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations,General Prevailing Wage Rates, Labor Surcharge and Equipment Rental Rates, and the Contract Documents.
Bids due in 7 days
9/29/21 2:00pm
Electronic bidding
Modifications to Drinking Fountains, Project #1000003758
The Project consists of installation and modifications of Drinking Fountains at various school sites.
Bids due in 20 days
10/12/21 10:00am
Weyand Pipeline Turnout 2 to DW-53
Solano Irrigation District
Dixon, CA
The project includes installing approximately 1,234 feet of 48-inch diameter DR 17 HOPE pipe, removing and replacing approximately 1,503 feet of monolithic concrete pipe with 48-inch diameter DR 17 HOPE pipe, connections to existing concrete control structures, demolition and removal of concrete vents and junction boxes, abandonment of existing pipeline with cellular concrete or sand, installation of valves, appurtenances and surface restoration. The District has pre­ purchased the 48-inch DR 17 HOPE pipe and is in the process of pre-purchasing 12" and larger valves and fittings. See Section O1100 and Appendix C for details on District furnished materials.
Bidding Closed
9/17/21 3:00pm
RFP-Q- Dixon Landscape & Lighting Maintenance
City of Dixon
Dixon, CA
For all scope of services, the Contractor shall maintain professional, responsible and responsive working relationships with customers, City staff, advisors, consultants, regulatory agencies and other entities with which the City may have dealings. The Public Works Director, or his/her designee, will be the Agreement Manager and responsible for all communications with the City Council and regulatory agencies (except where the Contractor is required by law as the Operator of Record). a. Provide Bid for a one-time clean-up of all zones. Bid should be broken out by zone for budgetary purpose. Clean-up would include: 1. Weed abatement (physical removal of weeds) 2. Clearance pruning (remove material from hardscapes and provide visibility) 3. Removal and disposal of dead plant material 4. Removal and disposal of debris.Successful bidder may be asked to perform multiple rounds of clean-up. Ideally, this bid should be provided in a not-to-exceed format, as subsequent rounds may require less man hours. b. Provide Bid for annual landscape maintenance utilizing scope.
Bids due in 14 days
10/6/21 2:00pm
Electronic bidding
Highland Guilford Steps and Handrail Project
City of Piedmont
City of Piedmont
Bids due in 22 days
10/14/21 2:00pm
Request for Bid Proposals for Job Order Contracts 017, 018, 019 & 020
Contra Costa County Public Works Department
Contra Costa County
This Advertisement for bids is for the award of four separate Job Order Contracts (JOCs). A JOC is a competitively bid, Unit Price, indefinite quantity contract that is awarded to a Prime Contractor. Once awarded, work is accomplished through the issuance of individual Job Orders. Job Order Contracts 017, 018, 019 & 020, awarded under this solicitation will each have a Minimum Contract Value of $25,000 and a Maximum Contract Value of $3,000,000. The County reserves the right to issue Job Orders totaling less than the Maximum Contract Value. Each contract will be for a term of 12 months.
Bids due in 19 days
10/11/21 5:00pm
RFP - Peacock Gap Recycled Water Transmission Pipeline Project
Marin Municipal Water District
San Rafael, Ca
The Marin Municipal Water District (District) is seeking a qualified professional engineering consultant firm for Phase I of the Peacock Gap Recycled Water Transmission Pipeline Project located within the City of San Rafael, Communities of Santa Venetia and Los Ranchitos and California State Parks, all in Marin County, California. The project will involve evaluating the expansion of the Districts recycled water transmission pipeline system across three different routes identified by the District. During Phase 1 work, the selected Consultant shall provide a 30 % design level report of the preferred alternative along with environmental documentation of the preferred alternative option. See Attachment B in the RFP for Pipeline Route Alternatives Map.
Bids due in 12 days
10/4/21 2:00pm
Maintenance Service Center Interior Improvements
City of Alameda
Maineteance Service Center, 1616 Fortmann Way, Alameda, Ca 94501
Scope of work is to improve, upgrade and renovate five interior areas within the Maintenance Service Center. These Interior Improvements are focused on functional and aesthetical modernizations, Building Code compliancy upgrades, ADA accessibility renovations, and work which includes (but is not limited to) new interior finishes, casework, appliances, toilet fixtures, accessories, doors and door hardware.