Civic Center Roof Replacement Project, PJ 2429

The work will consist of: site mobilization (including temporary fencing), protection of office space in interior of building, dust control, removal of existing roof top exposed ductwork and piping to be reused and replaced, removal of existing rooftop package HVAC units and other mounted equipment and stored for re-installation, removal and replacement of all flashings and sheet metal elements including roof jacks and vent stacks, removal of the existing wood shingle and modified bitumen roofing systems, removal of flashings, and trims, rainwater leaders and brackets, inspection of existing substrate once exposed, repair and if necessary replacement of portions of the existing substrate, installation of new underlayment substrate to receive new composition shingle and single ply roofing systems, installation of new flashings, gutters, downspouts, and trims, saw-cutting and concrete removal at courtyard and walkways, installation of rainwater leader extensions to courtyard, concrete pour-back, bench installation, salvaging of material as required, painting, and sealing, as noted on the drawings, re-installation of all rooftop equipment, duct work (and testing), piping, and rooftop access and ladder features. This work includes all preparation, coordination of detailed phasing requirements, materials and accessories, clean up, and conformance to existing conditions necessary for a complete and functional installed new roof systems, and all other work as specified in these Special Provisions, Technical Sections, and as shown on the Plans.


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date1/19/23 10:00am

Bid Date2/9/23 3:00pm

Company & Contacts

City of Concord - Engineering Services
Kevin Wheat


Concord, CA

The estimated construction cost for the project is approximately $2,300,000.

Required Pre-Bid Job Meeting: The City will host a required pre-bid job meeting on Thursday January 19th at 10am at the entrance of the City's Council Chambers within the Civic Center Campus at 1950 Parkside Drive. During this Meeting, the grounds around the City of Concord Civic Center will be made available to any perspective bidders. At this meeting, a sign in sheet will be passed around for perspective bidders to sign up for a one hour time slot to access the Civic Center flat rood areas of Wings A, C, & D on Tuesday January 24th or Wednesday January 25th. To limit disruption to City staff working within the Civic Center building, a limited number of personnel will be allowed on the rooftop at once. The pre-bid meeting and subsequent roof access sign up are required and any bidders who do not attend may have their bid deemed non-responsive.