MIPS 3W Effluent Bypass Project

Base bid includes construction of a new pile-supported Chlorine Contact Tank D; construction of a new pile-supported Mare Island Strait Outfall Pump Station; modifications to existing Chlorine Contact Tank C; construction of outfall piping; and general site improvements. Bid Alternate 1 includes the removal of the existing South biotower cover, the removal of existing media, replacement of new media, and replacement of rotary distributor, drive, and VFD. See additional information on basebid and bid alternates in Section 01 11 00, Summary of Work.


Accepting Bids

Prebid Date9/8/22 10:00am

Bid Date10/13/22 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

Vallejo Flood and Wastewater

Natalie Muradian   707-558-3416


Vallejo, CA

Link to recorded Pre-Bid video below.

LINK to Pre-Bid Video

• The link will take you to Zoom.
• You will be required to login to Zoom. If you do not already have a Zoom account, you will have to create one (free).
• You should be able to play/pause the video as many times as needed.
• The video is around 30 minutes long.
• If you are having trouble accessing Zoom and you’ve already created a Zoom account, please reach out to EngAdmin@vallejowastewater.org to request assistance.

Optional Site Visit: THURSDAY, September 8th, 10 am. RSVP to EngAdmin@vallejowastewater.org. Clarification:  The Notice Inviting Bids stated the Site Visit is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8th. This is a typo – the site visit is scheduled for Thursday, Sept 8th.

Construction Cost Estimate: $40,400,000 (for Base Bid and Additive Bid Alternate 1)

*This Project is SRF funded. Contractors submitting a bid are required to perform Good Faith Efforts, including posting solicitations for bids and proposals to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) for a minimum of 30 calendar days before the bid opening.