North Texas Street West Main Replacement and Overlay

The Project work generally consists of, but are not limited to, the following: abandonment and replacement of existing underground water mains and laterals; installation/replacement of existing water service laterals, meters/boxes and reduced pressure backflow devices; installation of new fire hydrants and gate valves, removal/abandonment of existing hydrants and air release valves and surfaces. Surface improvements include but are not limited to removal/replacement of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, curb ramps, asphalt concrete grind and overlay, pavement striping and markings, traffic detector loops and other work as shown on the Project Plans, as specified in the Contract Documents and as directed by the City Engineer. The Engineer’s Estimate is $7,098,000.


Accepting Bids

Bid Date10/5/21 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

City of Fairfield, CA

David Vong   707-428-7784


Fairfield, CA

The Engineers Estimate is $7,098,000.