Civic Center Moat Restoration Project, PJ No. 2708

The project consists of: site mobilization, grinding of existing concrete, epoxy injection for repairing cracks, installation of 4 part multi coat epoxy layer to fully waterproof the moat floor and inner walls up to high water mark, install concrete encasement around existing HVAC pipes in moat with rebar and other items required, test electrical power from Wing C basement panel to electrical boxes around the moat, provide report on test results, replace and restore fountain fixtures, test fountain system and fixture connections, program and set up timing for fountain fixtures, replace float valve for existing system, ensure proper drainage of moat to drain to north corner of the moat, providing required submittals, testing results, replace electrical wiring and light fixtures (if required), final testing and cleanup, attending weekly meetings, providing schedules, and coordinating with other projects ongoing at Civic Center. This project includes preparatory work and site cleanup daily, and all other work as specified in these Special Provisions, Technical Sections, and as shown on the Plans.
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