2024 Annual Street Resurfacing - Concrete, Signals & Overlay Project

PROJECT SCOPE: The Project is more specifically defined in the Contract Documents, but generally includes: furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, transportation, and services necessary to perform the construction and installation of the following: Concrete flatwork including sidewalk, curb and gutter, median curb, median island, and curb ramps, install owner furnished video detection system, replace pedestrian push buttons with Accessible Pedestrian Systems, pavement failure repair, pavement grinding, reconstruction of trail with hot mix asphalt and aggregate base pavement section, crack sealing, paving mat (GlasGrid), hot mix asphalt overlay, removal of pavement marking and striping, and installation of pavement markings and striping, traffic control, and other items not specifically mentioned herein, and doing all appurtenant work in place and ready for use, all as shown in the Specifications, Special Provisions, and other Contract Documents entitled as shown above, now on file in the office of the Public Works Director, to which reference is hereby made for further particulars.

COST ESTIMATE: The City’s estimated total construction cost for this Project is between $1,600,000 and $1,700,000. The estimate is intended to serve merely as a guideline of the magnitude of work. Neither the bidders nor the contractor shall be entitled to claims because of any inaccuracy in the estimated cost range.