CIP 1006 Wykoff Water and Sewer Replacement Project

The general description of work includes the installation of approximately 1,700 linear feet of 8-inch PVC water main, removing and replacing approximately 750 feet of 6" asbestos concrete water main with 8" PVC water main, disposing of asbestos concrete pipe, installing above ground temporary bypass piping, replacing water services, installing air release valve assemblies, installing fire hydrant assemblies, performing connections to the existing water system, upsizing approximately 1,600 linear feet of existing sewer mains by pipe bursting, upsizing approximately 200 linear feet of existing sewer mains by open cut, sewer main spot repairs prior to pipe bursting, rehabilitating existing manholes, removing and replacing existing sewer cleanouts with standard manholes, removing and replacing lower laterals and installing new cleanouts, paving, and striping.
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