Iron Horse Trail Bridge at Dublin Boulevard

The Project is more specifically defined in the Contract Documents, but generally includes construction of a bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Dublin Boulevard near the Dublin Boulevard and Scarlett Drive intersection including a prefabricated steel arch truss bridge, elevated concrete approaches, approach ramps, and decorative retaining walls. The project will require furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, transportation, and services necessary to perform the construction and installation of the following: clearing and demolition of trees, soils, asphalt and concrete; cast-in-place piles and footings, retaining walls, lightweight cellular concrete backfill, bridge fabrication and erection, pre-stressed concrete approaches, steel guard railings, steel mesh throw prevention, trail and bridge lighting, associated earthwork, asphalt paving, minor concrete and other items not specifically mentioned herein. The Project location is situated in and around adjacent parcels that are under construction and will require a multi-phase construction sequence in which certain portions of the construction area will not be available until adjacent construction is complete. Throughout the Project duration there will be limited available construction area and access will require close coordination and communication with various parties including but not limited to the City of Dublin, Scarlett Drive Extension Project, and Don Biddle Park Construction Project. There may be other items of work not mentioned above, providing water pollution control, cleaning of the site at the end of the job, all as shown in the Specifications, Special Provisions, and other Contract Documents entitled as shown above, now on file in the office of the Public Works Director, to which reference is hereby made for further particulars
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